Buhari Backsliders, Cool Temper

Buhari Backsliders, Cool Temper

By Taju Tijani

Most cyber commentators are restless voyeurs who see the warts of the world, the imperfections of politicians and deformities of our democratic journey. Since the inception of President Mohammadu Buhari’s administration, pessimism is the name of the game and transferred, aggressive discourse the order of the day. Unhaunted by the recent disastrous history of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s wrecking administration that was marked by massive corruption, goalless vision and massive pillage of public revenue, some commentators and pundits are making an anthill out of Buhari’s evolving style of governance.

Now what’s gone wrong? Has the universal euphoria of his messianic appearance on the political scene cooled? Who wants to set him on the impossible task of competing with Usain Bolt in the athletic art of hitting the ground running? Is Nigeria’s disease of impatience creepily asserting itself into reality? Has the Buhari’s revolution, distinguished by his legendary integrity, patience, persistence and perseverance no longer national monuments for our idolisation? Is Buhari fundamentalism no longer our ready opium? Is the personal and philosophical compatibility we feel at a distance toward Buhari receding too soon into a nameless ghost? Is our negativism and doubt in his vision not too early to form polemical dissection in a smoke-filled isiewu joint?

There is the reason why we all need to reclaim common sense and patience from implanted panic, hysteria and the desire to see speedy action. We have forgotten too early the criminogenic ease with which ex-President Jonathan and his consort of PDP oppressors brought Nigeria to the foothill of political, economic, social and cultural implosion. We have forgotten the sheer arrogance of the last administration and its abiding faith in its own infallibility until the onset of our seismic political shift that brought us back from political genocide.

If we could, through our complicity, mumu and dialectical capacity tolerated PDP government for 16 years, would it matter if Buhari takes three months to get ready and launch his APC capability-driven capsule into our political space? Nigerians have endured all kinds of leader-looters for 5 decades and the political wounds from bad governance are multi-layered and could be seen in our paralysed institutions, youth unemployment, social and political impunity, entrenched privileges, untouchable elites, systemic evil of corruption, monetisation of democracy and moral death. Clogging the nation’s aspirational arteries in the last 16 years include cabal of privateers, toll gate economy, ostentatious and vulgar indulgence of supposed public figures, runaway decay, democratic negligence, shameless elites, dead brained political jobbers, mogul interests and governance by carrot and stick.

Therefore, to right the wrong of 16 years of monumental national destruction, President Buhari must take his time, be cautious, ponderous and prayerful in his desire to appoint from the dizzying array of time tested, efficient and talented technocrats willing to assist in the salvage of what remains of Nigeria and its future. Buhari is undergoing the onerous task of removing the old landmarks that badly wobbled Nigeria. To euphemised his careful attention to details as “too slow”, “losing focus” and “no action” brutally summarises the emblematic and contrived ignorance of many of our impatient pundits, polemicists and commentators. So, Buhari backsliders, cool temper.