Joy Gems in the Bible


I am ever delighted to be part of the digital-frenzied humanity searching for the true meaning of life through the Internet community, blackberry, Ipad and facebook. When I am depressed, I can crawl out of my warm couch and with a click I am chatting a depression whizhead in Manitoba who, out of pity, can bring relief to my sad soul. Yesterday was my depression day. I nearly Kung-Fued my television to smithereens with all the tales of horror from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe. It is a sorry tale of man’s inhumanity to man. I was in this suspension of disbelief with all its numbing pain when suddenly I accidentally found myself in a gospel channel. I tarried awhile to hear the preacher and pronto, I was arrested by the Holy Spirit who then began to minister to me to unplug from all the distractions around me. I had my 2 hours of spiritual re-awakening in that moment of disbelief. I was under the throes of culture shock. The fleeting happiness I daily look for on the Internet, blackberry, Ipad and facebook is located in an abandoned holy book right on my shelf! Stop, I want to get off from the moving train of digital frenzy!!! Thank you Holy Spirit for bringing me to a place of knowing. Thank you Holy Spirit for allowing your healing light shine on me through the BIBLE. Thank you Holy Spirit for showing me the boundless joy gems hidden in the BIBLE.