London Riot: Who Let The Jamafricans Out? (Part 1)

At last, Mark Duggan can now rest in peace in the cold chamber of his new sepulchre. Back on London streets, the palpable cyclones of racial hostility are frighteningly visible. You can see the damping frowns on the faces of elderly white women as they cross path with the next Jamafrican in hoodies.  

Already, the leaders of United Kingdom are all inside a shocking airplane of psychological amnesia. The reason why the Jamafricans were out on the streets and their sympathisers, the chattering white “chavs”, is being airbrushed by the mainstream media. It is astonishing to see Britain falls helplessly back into its cage of delusion and denial. Well, the reason why the Jamafricans and their white “chavs” supporters turned Tottenham, Clapham, Ealing and Croydon into bonfire was because a police officer shot Mark Duggan twice and fatally killed him. The initial police motive was to conceal this fact and accuse Duggan as the stupid hero who fired first. This was debunked.

As the hours ticked off and information of his defenceless shooting circulated among the youths of Tottenham, they became enraged. The patience of many Jamafricans around Tottenham snapped and that impatience snowballed into a canon ball on the high streets.

Knowing my predilection to support my ‘brovers’, I had to wait and gauge the feelings of “Middle England” and their exerting right wing media before I form an opinion. From both sides of the cultural divide, there was unmistakable class anger. Past riots like the Broadwater Farm, Brixton and Notting Hill have always been memorialised on our hearts mainly from class and racial prejudice. But this is different.

Let me declare my prejudice from the outset. I love fairness, justice and equity. I subscribe to the moral sentiment of a level playing field where merit and your genius win the lottery of the good life for you. I cannot accommodate injustice. I believe in dividing the precious from the vile. In addition, I have a serious grumble with anybody who would want something for nothing.

Mark Duggan’s life is neither a testament to success nor failure. He was regarded as a Jamafrican gangster and therefore a clear danger to Queen and country. The white establishment somewhere made a decision to get rid of him. And with two lethal shots, his soul returned to his Creator. Wherever he may be now, he obviously has no recollection of the painful poundings he received as a black Brit. One of the many differences between black and white Britons is their response to Duggan. White people, or at least those who accept Duggan’s ongoing characterisation by the right wing tabloids as a thug, tend to place him in the demon’s gallery reserved mainly for black criminals. But in the barely-get-along estates of Tottenham where Duggan lived and died, he was a hero.

A hero of the underclass, underprivileged and despised Martians called black British. Violence is ugly, ungodly, bloody and cursed. But to Martin Luther King Jr., riot is the voice of the unheard. The young hoodies; the violent sociopathic thugs who carried out the so called “lawful rebellion” or the “midnight marathon shopping spree” in the glittering “white” malls were the unlicensed criminal dissenters pumped up to roll back the years of socioeconomic alienation. Years of black deprivation has to morph somehow into a violent backlash. One can say that Thatcherism backlash segued smoothly into Cameron’s Big Society voodoo, taking both black and their supporting white “chavs” along in a synergy of smash, loot and burn.

I watched in sadness as the criminal vagabonds wandered from one end of the opportunist, no, capitalist continuum to another carting home laptops, Blackberry and even masturbating dildo. Is someone going to screw someone rigid? Possible! Hardcore and radical right wing writers have been out from the Shires to serenade their readers with Eurocentric sentiment of family values. Clan members like Peter Hitchens and David Starkey have never minced their disgust for Jamafricans embrace of the nihilistic counter cultural value of rap music, gangsterism and hatred of education. Hear tacky Starkey, a Jewish, Historian and broadcaster: “A substantial section of the chavs has become black. The whites have become black. A particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilist gangster culture has become the fashion. The Jamaican patois language that is wholly false has intruded in England and this is why so many of us have this sense of literally a foreign country. David Lammy does sound white, so does Diane Abbot because they’ve had a white cultural experience. Its one of the reasons they don’t have any street credibility. They have no contact with the young.” Piers Morgan, a journalist and chat show host answered and called Starkey, “racist idiot”. Need I say more?

On the other hand, the bleeding heart liberals have been locking horns with tacky Starkey and his racist minions not to louse up the riot with the silly notion of superiority of one culture over others. If I may ask, in what robust way is the European culture better than say, the Jamafricans, the Chinese or the Indians? Anybody who will disinter the cultures of the universe will soon realise that they are all relative. Here, I have to savage tacky Starkey for floundering under a bafflingly flawed intellectual mediocrity. His point on race captured only his pathological racist revulsion for all things foreign.

Of course United Kingdom has been reconfigured. Either for good or bad. That depends on where you hang your hat. I am not saying that I harbour any florid gush of praise for the satanic mills of early industrial England. We all read how blacks were treated. They were taken to circuses to perform to full audience of ignoramuses who, out of hatred, turned fellow human beings into beast of glad entertainment.