Turai Bumaye! Turai Bumaye!! Turai Bumaye!!!

Hajiya Turai Yar’ Adua’s soft baby face is deceptive. Beyond the childish innocence is a raw, steely, no nonsense, fight-to-the-finish mien of a Fulanised fighting gene previously unknown to the public.

How public space unmask people and their inherited hidden traits and weaknesses. Yar’ Adua’s pericarditised condition has given us a peep into his homely set up. Yes, a peep into Fulani ‘arranged marriage’ and its aberrant sub-culture of feminine dominance at the drop of a presidential hat. Turai Bumaye!!

A male Fulani culture hound believes that a Fulani wife must be sub-zero humble, domesticated, tolerant, religious, self-effacing, (eleha) accommodating, doting, loyal, submissive and conservative. However, modern education, exposure and feminine revolution are chipping off some of the above listed warm virtues. Modernity and its degenerative social mores are unfurling more ‘bastardised’ version of a Fulani virtuous woman.

Last year, a virulent Hajiya Binta Kuraye, a Fulani woman reacted virulently to the rumoured death of her brother, ailing President Musa Yar’ Adua. She has every right to drop all sorts of ugly sorties on political detractors praying for her brother’s death. People pray for all kinds of reasons. Those praying for Yar’ Adua’s death may have seen through a secret oracle all the tissues of lies behind his 7-point agenda. Yar’ Adua has not delivered on any of those agenda. Or perhaps, some people may have perceived in Yar’ Adua the kind of president Nigerians never wanted hence the call for calamity on his head.

In her defence, Hajiya Binta Kuraye set aside those soft virtues of a Fulani virtuous woman and embraced the more proactive, educated, modern version of robust rebuttal, fighting spirit, political activism and graceless anger. In a jolly non-conformity to the humility of a thoroughbred Fulani woman, she spoke like a glabrous sage and remarked that President Musa Yar’ Adua still has the mileage to rule this embattled land for another 16 years. Such faithful confidence and rocky support for Yar’ Adua have turned out to be a shallow prescience on the mood of the nation. Except miracle happens, Yar’ Adua has no fighting chance of ever ruling this nation for another 16 years. Turai Bumaye!

If Hajiya Kuraye is defending a loving a brother, Hajiya Turai is far more defensive and more strident in her defence of a loving but fatally sick husband. Event in Turai’s life has forced her to shed off those crappy sentiments of submission and sub-zero humility of a Fulani virtuous woman. To her, those are cultural abstractions that could defeat her new hobbyhorse of political activism. Turai Bumaye!

In playing this role, Turai has been naïve and wrong headed. Her husband’s woes have turned her into a political enforcer; a waster, public enemy, a fuglewoman between her man and the destiny of Nigeria and a political illusionist of a quarrelsome variant. If an unelected First Lady could throw such political excrement on our faces, then all is lost in this polity. More pronounced through her action is the dismal draught of wholesome thinking and the primacy of primitiveness in the shoddy way she behaved toward all the representatives of state sent to see her pericarditised husband in Saudi Arabia.

Her sentry role which includes building a fortress around Yar’ Adua is abysmal. It sounds a tadge pompous that Nigerians and Nigeria could not see their elected President but an unelected First Lady could play an imperious, guiding Amazon on Nigeria’s No 1 public property. Mr David Edevbie, the Principal Secretary to the President was denied access to see his boss during his second visit on the express order of Hajiya Turai. The poor dude was told in unmistakable terms to go count the Dubai skyscrapers. Yeah Turai Bumaye!

Well democracy is said to be directed by the obnoxious ‘unseen hands’ of technocrats and corporatist merchants who are non-challantly indifferent to the suffering of the other Nigerians, but for a brief moment and before the enthronement of Jonathan Goodluck as Acting President, Turai directed the affairs of this nation and made a mess of it. Tell me who will placate the unhealable humiliation of Hon. Babashehu Agaie, the Deputy Leader of the House of Rep; Hon. Mohammed Ali Ndume, the Minority Leader, Hon. Moruf Akinderu-Fatai, Hon. Jubril Adamu and Hon. Patrick Ikheriale who were all denied access by Turai to see the President?

Mercifully, Nigerians and every other humiliated politician will draw solace from the fact that Turai’s daily parade of bizarre delusions has ended, once we heard with bell-like clarity that Jonathan Goodluck has emerged as Nigeria’s newest peerless hero. Turai Bumaye!!!