NVS, Uwazuruike And Biafran Censorship

A fearsome hired assassin seems to have taken over the throne room of Nigeria Village Square. I can say with certainty that only a fundamentalist fringe can dare apply worrisome censorship on a factual story fit for public taste and decency. What’s my grudge? A closet assassin in the administrative corridor of NVS assassinated my piece titled, ‘Massobite Uwazuruike Rumbled by US Agents’. The piece was published by NVS on Monday 9 March 2009 and by noon time, the piece was considered so snarling and seditious to the taste setters of NVS that it was removed.

Where does this distasteful knee jerk editorial autocracy and gagging spring from? The piece in question was not the kind of banal, nitwit, uninformed and illiterate ravings associated with some uneducated posing mandarins in our embattled public space. That piece has no inordinate desire to shock. That to me would have been a shameful luxury. I can reason along with some writers that nobody has the licence to peddle untruth, alarm and seditious material on this blog. Fine. Then where is the compensating distinction of truth from lies? The story on Uwazuruike was wholly a factual news story first published in The Compass Newspaper by a reporter called, Emmanuel-Enyi Appolos on 8 March 2009.

I purloined the facts in the story and served my readers a sad and perfectly dismal take on Uwazuruike and the hopeless compass of his leadership direction. I did not use any blasphemy, bellicose malevolence, primitive rudeness, outrageous impropriety or tones of high disenchantment that betrays any intellectual feeding frenzy on Uwazuruike. To say it simply, the piece was a fascinating story of leadership skulduggery, deceit and betrayal.

The same piece that was considered injurious to the palate of NVS was published a day later in another blog-nigeriansinamerica- without any blood being spilled on their editorial boardroom over the necessity to ruffle the feathers of Uwazuruike’s army of Biafran sympathisers scattered across the globe. I must confess that NVS has been serving a noble end but a reckless and thoughtless editorial snobbery that disrespects the views of the others may encourage ugly pathways of ignorance, unedifying protection and the delusion of seeing some people as sacred cows.

Believe me this world is full of enough sharks to devour Uwazuruike at the proper time if his leadership of Massob is found to be a conduit for deceit, graft and corruption. NVS should continue in its ideological battle cry to defend the underdogs with its known intellectual grace against the sinister and often confusing paradigms of our so called top dogs.

There are some bloody Gods in NVS who want to control who goes to heaven and hell.