Axe, Cutlass, Guns And No Roses For Ekiti Politics

I am falling into a predictable trap. Knowledgeable and experienced public affairs analysts have, in the past, warned me to leave the home news for the locals, no matter how tempting, and scream aloud on happenings in the Diaspora. Temptation, that demon that wrestles with everyman’s soul has been wrestling with me since Friday when I came across a juicy news story from the Nigerian Compass. The news is honed on Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s perfect plan for Ekiti political revolution.

Recently, Tinubu has been buzzing around like a busy bee across the Nigerian chattering classes. He has been dropping political clangers, trotting out warnings and wrestling with the Yoruba leadership. He has been drumming aloud his emerging ambition as the undisputed political fixer for the entire old Western region. He is altogether a political alchemist. Through a pragmatic mixture of money, blackmail, thuggery and anarchism, he has been able to open up previously deaf ears to his brand of gladiatorial politics.

I met Ahmed Tinubu in 1997. He was part of the wave of exiled politicians sent packing by Sani Abacha. Many of them fled to the UK. London, apart from being a haven was turned into a recuperating but busy den for political realignment and strategy. I was one of those captivated and invisible observers of Tinubu’s oratory in designated cafes and restaurants across London. His political roadmap, which was drawn out of the furnace of diasporic adversity, eventually won him the governorship of Lagos State. The rest is now history.

Ekiti politics is today under a new makeover. On Tuesday, Segun Oni, the Governor of the state was sacked by the Court of Appeal sitting in Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital. New election has been ordered to be re-run in 10 of the 16 councils of the state. News of such political mishap tickled and infuriated Tinubu. And barely three days after Oni’s shameful exit, Tinubu galloped to the marketplace with his hailers calling on the proletarian arm of the Action Congress party to gather their arrows, axes, cutlasses and guns to defend and recapture a stolen mandate from the thieving hands of the PDP.

Is Tinubu shipwrecking into a nihilist-anarchist? Is this call to arms justified? Should we be defending a stolen mandate with bare knuckle, gidigbo, head but, juju, atare, arrows, axe, cutlass and guns? To answer this dilemma, we need more than divine discernment and penetrating wisdom. Ever since political battle in our polity was rebranded as a do-or-die affair by OBJ, the Nigerian political terrain has been turned into a blood-soaked battlefield. OBJ was the first among second republic politicians to justify political anarchism as a necessary end that justifies the means. The first republic may have laid the ‘wetie’ foundation, but Obasanjo stretched the warring baton with his unguarded do-or- die political orthodoxy and people like Tinubu is happy to be counted as an emerging combatant.

Even, the Redeemer, Jesus Christ, said in Matthew 11v12 that since the time of John the Baptist, the Kingdom of God has suffered violence and the violent take it by force. Now let me put in the rub. The Nigerian nation has suffered political robbery since the enthronement of second republic democracy and only political vigilantes must arrest the robbers. Vigilantes are unofficial outlaws, who, through self-mobilisation, as happened in the storming of the Bastilles over bread, come together to wrestle their collective destiny from the hands of thieves and soulless oppressors.

PDP as a party has never pretended to be the people’s party. It does not pretend to fight fairly. It is a party of political riggers. The party is a mushrooming of senile cabals with cynical disdain for the everyday aspirations of average Nigerian. Umaru Musa Yar’Adua as a PDP member and President of Nigeria sits on a stolen mandate, regardless of his old court victory which, ironically, was devoid of triumph! They are in government, to paraphrase John 10v10, to steal, kill and destroy as we have seen in OBJ’s legacy.

Ironically, threats of mayhem, death and destruction have worked where PDP’s victory had been annulled and such strategy has been paying off to the delight of its arch political enemy, the AC. Adams Oshiomole and his own muscular Edo proletarian vigilantes, the people’s vanguard, had to issue a veiled threat and what happened, he laughed to the State House.

In anticipation of gubernatorial victory for Kayode Fayemi, Tinubu has drawn a white list of his Ekiti cabinet. He has an immovable vision of how he will control the state, seminally referred to as the Fountain of Knowledge, from Lagos. Famous names on the list include the cerebrally-endowed, US-based Professor Bolaji Aluko who will become the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Babafemi Ojudu has been allocated the Information and Strategy chair while Jide Awe is penned down as Special Adviser on Political Affairs.

The prodigiously intelligent and Marxist scholar and ex-governorship candidate for Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola will function as the consultant on infrastructural development. This is an assemblage of the bright, the good and the great. Since Nigeria has turned into a graveyard for the bright, the good and the great, it is now academic how to work out its salvation. The salvation is here. If arrows, axe, atare, cutlasses and guns are the necessary means to hijack Nigeria from the grip of entrenched cabals back to the hands of the visionary and progressives, we should all be prepared to join the revolution, which, I guess, must be televised live.