South Africa: Reflections on Xenophobic Anarchism, Ghetto Guerrillas and Cowardice.

By Taju Tijani

Note: This piece was first published in May 2008. Its relevancy and timeliness are still unfolding as we see in the ongoing murders of Nigerians in South Africa.

South Africa is in the throes of violent epiphany and it is horrifyingly sad to watch how she is plummeting from political, moral, cultural and social regeneration to barbaric and odious cannibalism which, if left uncontrolled, could lead to self-implosion. The sudden romance with national nihilism and anarchy by her jobless, poor, illiterate, coward and xenophobic-driven blacks against fellow black Africans signalled the beginning of ethnic cleansing which may rapidly degenerate into holocaust if clearer warning is not delivered to her impotent leaders who are currently looking the other way as the orgy of violence encircles this former bastion of apartheid.

Most media comments about South Africa’s killing fields of Diepsloot in Johannesburg, Hammanskraal outside Tshwane, Mkhambathini in Kwazulu-Natal, Cape Town, Pretoria, Western Cape and East London have been cringing and patronising and this had led to a hardening of attitude among the ghetto guerrillas  who still roam around with knives, cutlass and guns looking for human turkey to cannibalise upon. The moral and credibility mileage she had reclaimed since the rebirth of a rainbow nation devoid of bickering, revenge and retaliation is now ossified by this relapse into butchery of fellow Africans. The love, goodwill, support, affection, moral and financial investment we all give to South Africa during her darkest history of apartheid is now dishonoured by her deadly loathing of blacks of other nations who live in her midst.

South Africa’s delicate evolution from a nation of racial animus to an inclusive, tolerant society has now come under re-evaluation by her shameless descent into xenophobic anarchism, barbaric rascality and primordial cannibalism. Nigeria, a once frontline state in the struggle for South Africa’s freedom from apartheid captivity is now a victim of abhorrent hate and murderous envy.

The reasons advanced for the mayhem and bloodletting are simplistic, puerile and nonsensical. South African blacks, goes the romanticised cant, are fighting a survivalist war to protect thinning jobs hijacked by the invading and hungry hordes from Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Citizens of these helpless countries must have uncommon psychic gifts to have known that South Africa is the new Europe paved with gold, diamond, emerald and silver. What the oracle did not reveal to our nomadic adventurers is South Africa’s present predicament of anomie, ennui, unemployment, violence, drug and alcohol dependency and worse, mass psychiatric problem brought about by the blight of apartheid’s 350 years of unrelenting blaxploitation.

South Africa was founded by its apartheid overlords on violence and brutal massacre. That historical tragedy has found its way into their national lore and today South Africans are proud to see themselves as violent and cannibalistic.  What is acutely maddening is the wrong channelisation of this ugly, murderous, demonic revenge on innocent sojourners who wandered into their country in search of opportunity and better life.

The Ghanaians, Malawians, Mozambicans, Nigerians, Tanzanians, Zambians and Zimbabweans who have been victims of ghoulish, bloody killings are the only soft targets their South African killers could prey upon.  Already, 26,000 Mozambicans have fled South Africa because of attacks. Also, Malawi has evacuated its citizens from South Africa’s theatre of xenophobic psychosis. What this state of affair seems to suggest to the larger world who are being entertained by a cast of stupid actors playing out their version of Greek tragedy on an African soil is simply this: are they human beings? What is wrong with black Africans?

Why do they hate themselves? Why do they project difference instead of unity and togetherness? Who is going to unite these disparage people with shared afro-cultural heritage? When would black Africa deconstruct and dredge out its violent past and construct a united, borderless continent with free access based on shared identity of Negroid race? When are we going to embark on the truncation of tribal hatred, inter-country jealousies and hostility?

The urgency of a national conversation should be more strident among South Africans in the face of her ugly wickedness against black foreigners. This is the time to confront herself and speak truth to her own conscience. Her political, social, economic and cultural institutions which rest squarely on Ubuntu, a national philosophy ecstatically adopted to usher in respect, understanding, equity, sharing, caring, humanness, social justice and fairness has now been found to rest on faulty, empty rhetorical foundations. South Africa is still a work in progress society, and as she walks the tight rope of national reconstruction, she should peel off the mask of false image of a great rainbow nation, at peace with herself and devoid of racial animosity.

The animating vision of old revolutionaries like Mandiba Nelson Mandela, John Dube, Pixley ka Isaka Seme, Clemens Kadile who was himself of Malawian origin, Albert Lithuli, Lilian Ngoyi, Thomas Nkobi, a Zimbabwean in origin, Oliver Thambo, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Joe Slovo and Ruth First, both scions of Anglo-Saxon root, to enthrone a society define by inclusion, multiculturalism, racial tolerance and progress has now entered its most trying period. In retrospect, the vision of Mandela after the traumatic years in the Gulag of Robben Island and eight years as president of South Africa could now be judged by its failure.

After Mandela’s rehabilitation from prison, he embraced a faulty political pragmatism forced on him by Western investors and the powerful economic-dominant white and Asian minority who still live in style and stupendous comfort, amidst the poverty of the ghettoes inhabited by shameless, warmongering natives, now on a prowl hunting down their own brothers and sisters! Why this self-defeating hubris among black Africans?

Mandela’s presidency was marked not by political, social, cultural and economic exactitude or restitution but by patronising obeisance to the whims and caprices of white and Asian South Africans who threatened massive capital reparation if national reconstruction includes redistribution of their ill-gotten wealth. Shorn of his old insurrectionary and radical temper, Mandela capitulated and the effect is now visible in South Africa’s oasis of lost hope, unemployment, anger, regret, poverty and violence among her black populace.

The energetic, bright and renaissance-inspired Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki concocted emotion-driven policy soundings which rest squarely on re-awakening Africa’s pride that had been castrated and tamed by centuries of apartheid and white slavery. He spoke of equity, justice and black empowerment in a new South Africa that had been abused, racially raped and exploited by her old, unrepentant Afrikaner white minority rulers.  Seven years on, Mbeki’s dream has not unfolded. He is more interested in golf than governing. Under him, unemployment soar, violence mushroom and you could see blood on the dance floor of every smoke-filled sheebeen in the black-populated townships and ghettoes of Soweto.

Contained by fear, fatigue, frustration, failure and alienated, displaced, ignored, snubbed and treated as third class citizens, even after apartheid, black South Africans had to forage for soft ‘meat’ in the form of innocent black foreigners, and cannibalise on them with the kind of feeding frenzy common to a pack of hungry lions. The monumental policy failure and total asphyxiation of their hope and economic liberation by both Mandela and Mbeki was another indictment of black leadership failure in black Africa. However, there is a nagging annoyance which would not go away, especially when you see the huge irony of it all. Why are black South Africans not targeting white and Asian people, the twin powers behind their serfdom, economic destitution and slavery?

Can we accuse black South Africans of cowardice on poor, defenceless black foreigners while the real destroyers of their destiny are left untouched? Why are barriers being erected against black migrants to South Africa but Asian and white are welcomed with red carpet? Does black Africa need a continental conversation of shared values based on shared origin and heritage? Is black Africa’s collective sacrifice against apartheid in vain in the face of this crunching ungratefulness? Do we need to keep on sacrificing ourselves in order to pamper the white and Asian settlers on African soil?

Can we say that fifth column, I mean white paymasters, have infiltrated the midst of our brothers and sisters and cheering them on in their senseless orgy of xenophobic rush? Why are black South Africans still reinforcing the racist stereotype of black people as ignoble savages? Why? Why? Why?


Fayemi Vs Fayose: Who Wins?

Fayemi Vs Fayose: Who Wins?

By Taju Tijani

On Thursday May 3, we had local council election in the UK. It was a chastening experience for me as a Nigerian. Across the UK’s landscape, you could feel peace, silence and undisturbed tranquility. Polling booths opened from as early as 7.00am for night shifters to cast their vote on the way home to rest after a long night. And also, for we 9 to 5ivers on our way to work in the morning. I cast my vote on that sunny and beautiful morning – simply, painlessly and noiselessly!!! I walked in and out in seconds and thus discharged my civic duty in an atmosphere devoid of police presence, violence, thugs, intimidation and coercion.

The three candidates I gave my vote to have never crossed my path and may never be. As long as they represent my party and are carriers of its manifestoes, I know I am in safe hand. My trust is in the party to deliver as promised and not in the colour, creed, deep pocket, religion or personalities of the local councilors I voted for. By the next day, the counting was over. The winners are grinning on the television in an atmosphere of electoral joy, peace, positive sportsmanship and warm handshakes. No accusations or counter accusations of election rigging. No accusation of imposition of candidates. No Godfatherism. No alleged kidnap of ballot boxes. No state collusion with candidates. No bitterness. No rancour. No threat. No recourse to assassination of the winner.

Now, what can Nigeria do to transmute from its ongoing barbaric electoral base into a solid gold of democratic landscape devoid of mayhem, candidate imposition, anti-democratic tendencies, assassination, ballot rape, intimidation, police collusion, bribery and killing? Can we reconstruct a democratic architecture that allows for peaceful election? Is there any way we could drain the poison killing our electoral and voting processes? Is there any way we could, in Nigeria, stop reinforcing the belief that we are all barbarians, selfish and greedy creatures?

Here, Dr. John Olukayode Fayemi is on my mind. Ekiti is on my mind. Ekiti is now entwined like a poison ivy in a tragic hubris marked by a profound and almost tangible sadness among probity-driven and idealistic-minded Nigerian democrats.

Ekiti now sits precariously at a tipping point. It is under a white-hot political trial. It now hovers between hell and damnation or both. One thing though, Ekiti will not be destroyed by the politicians angling for its soul, but by those who watch what is about to happen there and do nothing.

I have never been a fan of the outgoing governor. Peter Ayodele Fayose’s political antecedent does not inspire a thinking Nigerian. His political Wikipedia reads like a page from a book of iniquity. He is variously seen as a bombastic, disrespectful, cantankerous, arrogant and over-confident rascal who exploited both the poverty of the poor and the vulnerability of the marginalised. In Nigerian politics, he leads people like Melaye and Adeleke on the depravity meter.

Fayose realised early on that Ekiti was a state seething with hunger and unemployment. With a mixture of populism and grassroots wisdom, Fayose rice bundle became an instant hit among his people. Again, realising that unemployment was a disease, our man, acting more like a Croesus, distributed N5, 000 to anything that moved in Ekiti. These gifts or dividends of democracy were pre-emptive strikes on future looting and corrupt governance.

So Saturday 5th of May 2018 was epically a bad day for Ekiti grassroots democracy. What hit our viewing sensibility on that day could be said to be the beginning of annus horribilis for All Progressive Congress (APC) in that state and Nigeria at large. The Ekiti APC Governorship Congress mayhem was but the overture to an operatic 2019 general election of future turbulence, pain, killing and mini civil wars across Nigeria. That mass ballot box rage is like the black raven in Edgar Allan Poe – a deadly harbinger of the kind of bloodbath that will darken Ekiti landscape in October 2018 and Nigeria come 2019.

Dr. John Olukayode Fayemi’s body language signposts so many anxieties: this guy is a glory seeker, desperate, stubborn, over-ambitious, proud, snobbish and drunk on the conviction that he must win Ekiti this time – by any means possible. There is no clearer articulation today of what to come tomorrow than Fayemi’s recent grandiloquent statement that he would use the Army and Police in a scorch earth operation to return to his old lair of Ekiti State House.  Again, there is no clearer evidence of what to come tomorrow than Fayemi’s vengeful, over-bloated ego and his dark desire to shame and eventually jail Ayodele Fayose and wipe out his legacy in his private fiefdom of Ekiti.


In western democracy, political actors live by the purity of its tenets. That is, you do not buy votes by distributing rice and money. In Africa, we operate a deviant mutation of democracy that is reflecting a sub-narrative of why PDP, a nest of thieves, looters, killers, assassins, greed-addicted cabal, vision-killers, stagnating forces, impostors, ritualists and blood suckers could all combined to overwhelm Ekiti with emergency stomach infrastructure and conquered and reclaimed the soul of its Esaus through its archangel called, Ayo Fayose.

On Saturday 12 May 2018, Fayemi won the Ekiti APC Governorship Congress. He polled 941 votes. His closest rival, Segun Oni managed 481. There was humility and contrition in his acceptance speech. He has since taken on the role of a hell-raiser. What then are the Fayemian grand gestures to the people of Ekiti? If a Fayose could ephemeralised basic state infrastructure and turned it on its head and linked it with the hungry stomach of his people, and in the process, harvested their votes, what then would Fayemi give to the people of the state to make them do a U-turn and clamour for him?

Or is Fayemi ready to deploy, arguably, the most benighted enablers – state collusion, money and thugs – for his electoral success? Is Fayemi’s Ekiti fantasy becoming the truest symbol of the sleazy truth about how politics really operates in Nigeria? What does he want to prove by his desire to govern Ekiti state again? If Fayose rigged himself in, is Fayemi now going to overcome all the odds planted around Ekiti by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) by going for a brutalising, nasty and bloody encounter with Fayose’s clone, Eleka, in his private fiefdom?

Today, Fayemi’s natural habitat should be that totemic height of educated decorum, honour, integrity, detachment and accountability so often associated with his name. The question is, why is this fascination with govermentality? Why this fanatical embrace of do-or-die passion to rule Ekiti again? His ongoing self-harming tendency to slide into the flammable politics of Ekiti, a state that is iconically tainted with head-banging Fayose zealots, thugs, outlaw, radicalism, mayhem and rascality should be reconsidered. Put it this way, Fayose is looking for a battle with Fayemi through his anointed proxy, his deputy governor, Kolapo Olusola, aka Eleka, to sustain the crude narrative of the success of stomach infrastructures and also prove to the world that his talisman still works its potency in the hungry stomachs of the poor and the vulnerable  of Ekiti kete.





Lawless Dino Melaye Must Be Jailed If….

Lawless Dino Melaye Must Be Jailed If….

By Taju Tijani

Nigeria is a nation of polite polarization. I received some emails from silly apologists of Dino Melaye who felt that my last week’s Distant Voices’ take on Dino, titled, “Deranged, Debased Dino, Detonated” was harsh and unsparing. Most of the content of the emails were written on steroids. Nigeria is an interesting nation. A real dynamic and exceptionally ignorant one for that matter. We still have people who harbour real-time subjective passion for our public servants, sorry public overlords, like Dino and even the former grand master of corruption, ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.

No matter what you say or write about these corrupt politicians, some ignoramuses will still swear by their spotless purity and defend the lechers with their lives. The ongoing Dino’s self-inflicted moral and political quagmire is a very good example of how, in Nigeria, we all ship into different convenient cages, be it political, religious or tribal with inimitable blind loyalty. The full lunacy of Dino’s bewitchment on some gullible and unthinking Nigerians is amazing. The pretending-to-be sick dotard has truly woven his spell on some naïve, gullible and brainless Nigerians who could not decode the real Dino Melaye from the cacophony of noises surrounding his uninspiring political pretenses. We should not play to the gallery on Dino’s predicament!

I will say it for the umpteenth time, Dino is not the kind of politician the Nigerian nation want. No, man!!! He is not fit for the purpose of good governance. He is a rebel rouser and a clown. He has polluted our democracy. He is a man of zero decorum and hugely arrogant. He is the evil genius when it comes to populist politics. He works on the emotions of the moment and knows how to polarize the gullible Nigerian public with his usual tedious language of victimhood. The tedious language of the aggrieved. The tedious language of the persecuted. Today’s noxious climate of insurrection, rebelliousness, lawlessness and anti-party activities in the hollow chamber, called the National Assembly, aka, the den of thieves, was orchestrated by this dancing minstrel.

We must not allow his lawlessness and selfish interests capture the democratic narrative and the interpretation of how the Nigerian Police should handle the serious allegations of damaging government property, absconding from arrest, attempted suicide and gun running hanging on his neck.

There is ongoing emotional and passionate hysteria of his treatment while on a stretcher to and from the court. He is now being celebrated as the cross-bearer for the yet to be persecuted corrupt senators who may be seized someday and treated like manner by the Nigerian Police.

To some totally gullible Nigerians, Dino Melaye and other Nigerian senators should be given a 7-star treatment even when accused of gun running or for embezzlement. What rubbish!! These senators have reduced our democracy to self-idolising farce. If a senator abdicated from that totemic height of ‘honourable’ and slide into a rascally and absconding hooligan, the Police should treat him as such. We have to thank the Nigerian Police for disallowing Dino from killing himself through a thankless joyride suicide. Nobody is above the law. A law maker should not turn into a law breaker. Dino’s fundamental human right is as sacred as that of any other Nigerian no matter how lowly placed in the hierarchy of things.

If Dino Melaye is eventually arraigned in a court of competent jurisdiction for treasonable crime of gun running, this man should be swiftly jailed to serve as a timely deterrent to other lawless, arrogant, money-minded senators who live in a bubble of immunity – immunity that must be constantly punctured through rule of law in order to save our democracy from derailment through elite gang up.

Are you thinking what I am thinking?  President Mohammadu Buhari, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other leaders of the All Progressive Congress (APC) should, as a matter of urgency and party sanitization, expel the entire APC Judas in the National Assembly for anti-Buhari rhetoric, disloyalty to the APC family, hostility, rebelliousness and total subversion of APC’s change orthodoxy. From their own ‘Mr President’ Bukola Saraki, Dino Melaye to Shehu Sani and many other traitors who have turned against their own party and are surreptitiously colluding with the opposition PDP in a grand scheme to derail the anti-corruption momentum. All these treacherous, opportunists, desperate and subversive APC senators should be disgraced and purge out of APC as reprobates, Judas and the most virulent collection of Buhari’s haters and by extension, Nigeria’s enemies.

Their most audacious but irresponsible outburst yet is their attempted assassination of President Mohammadu Buhari through impeachment. If this is not madness, what is it? The ongoing mass defilement of Nigeria through bloody killings here and there has a hidden hand of a saboteur from within.

We have a National Assembly that defaults to scandal whenever possible. The Assembly treats everybody with disdain to the point of absurdity. They want to impeach the President of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari and their own party leader. No wonder Isaiah 21:2 says that, “The treacherous dealer deals treacherously and the plunderer plunders”. The entire APC senators who are carpet bombing Buhari are shameless traitors. If Buhari has failed, the whole APC senators have failed and should be vomited out, come 2019.  Their political illiteracy and myopia is self-evident in their hysterical support of aborted impeachment assassination against Buhari. Such an action is continually suggesting that these PDP-turned-APC politicians are dangerous and cold-hearted infiltrators.

Desperate corrupt men and women of the past who have cases to answer but now sit in the National Assembly are now using everything in their arsenal (attack, conspiracy, media, PR and bloggers) to avoid future persecution by all means necessary. And one of their evil alchemy yet is to kill Buhari through impeachment. That evil conspiracy has failed. The President should go for a raging revenge and send all these Judas out of the APC party.

Deranged, Debased Dino, Detonated!!!

Deranged, Debased Dino, Detonated!!!

By Taju Tijani

Dear Dino,

Aghhhhh…..Dino Melaye!!! You again? Rascally you again!!! I pray that you will not return to that hollow chamber which you have defiled by your arrogance, hooliganism, abuse of power, corruption, betrayal, subservience to the fancies of your alter ego, the equally deranged Dr. Bukola Saraki, your cantankerous nature and your clownish behaviour. The less of you in that hollow chamber the better for us all. Who do you think you are? What is the big deal about being a senator, that, at every opportunity, you heat up the polity? Why are you the master of the art of debauchery and gutter rascality?

Why is the politics of “Ajekun iya ni oje” becoming so disruptive, dissembling, shameful, debasing and numbing all your expected pretence to decorum and decency? You constitute yourself as the outlaw and talking head of the National Assembly. You have vexed our common decency with your ugly relapse to primitivism at every opportunity. On a daily basis, you have de-marketed and debased and brought our democracy to disrepute by the kind of behaviour that is antithesis to the character of a true senator. You have shamed us all.

We called you a lawmaker, though you studied Geography. As a lawmaker, you have subverted all the canons of our law with your disdainful arrogance. You operated from dry political well of zero ideas for the people of Kogi West who regretfully sent you to represent them at Abuja. You are cold as a stone and nothing matters to you beyond defending Saraki, attacking the president and laundering Nigerian wealth across the globe. Your past saccharine banalities of fighting corruption has eventually exposed you as a charlatan who was merely looking for his cut of the national cake. Event is proving you to be a deceiver.

Why were you jittery of the Nigerian law which you swore to protect as a fake senator?  Why were you afraid of the Nigerian Police when you were invited for questioning? Why were you afraid of facing up to Police accusation that you armed some youths to carry out killings on your behalf? Why didn’t you defend this with your life and prove your innocence? Why the hostility against your accusers – the Nigerian Police? Why would a lawmaker turned to a lawbreaker? Why all the sensational display of rascality and cowardice before the Nigerian public? Are you above the law? Why the Hollywood/Nollywood pantomime of jumping off a moving Police van?  Demented and deranged Dino, I thank God that you have been detonated!!!

Your name is synonymous with scandals of all sorts. You are a perverted philanderer and a serial womaniser. You are so materially insecure that you greedily collected expensive cars as a reminder to the world that your own brand of politics is not to bring dividend of democracy to your constituency, but to impoverish them through the squandering of their riches. While Nigeria burns, you drive around Abuja in Ferrari. I have never heard of a sitting Member of British Parliament driving around in Ferrari or Porsche. Never!!! They understand the tenets of public service and humility in the discharge of their political destiny. Dino, they are not as avaricious as you. Anytime I watch your bombastic articulation of your immoral parable and your schizophrenic hatred of anybody who is opposed to your joint scheme with Saraki, I cry for Nigeria.

There is consistent demonstration of stupidity and foolishness in your political production. You become the symbol of a noxious, toxic, raving, rowdy, rambunctious and a shambolic misfit that ever sat in that hollow chamber. Dino, over time, your political evolution, is like reading from a book of infamy. To discerning Nigerians, you are a parasite, gangster, mob, predator, betrayer, liar, clown, over-ambitious, misfit, thief, venal and the great mountain wolf that leaves nothing for the morning. You live a comfortable existence by cheating Nigerians and exerting so much from the Nigeria’s common wealth, to the point that the people of your Kogi West senatorial district are reduced to paupers.  At every opportunity, you hide under selfish rule of law and make irrational scapegoating of the federal government as the cause of all our woes. Dino, you are part of the problem of our democracy.

Dino, to the politically savvy Nigerians, the National Assembly of which you are a proud and vociferous member, still suffers from a crisis of legitimacy. Half of the members are criminally challenged. They are either linked to drug running, perjury, corruption, ritualism, fraud, certificate forgery or corruption. No sane Nigerian is inspired by the shenanigan going on in that desecrated coven. If we were to use the yardstick of rigorous scrutiny and unblemished character used for contestants for public office in the West in Nigeria, ninety five percent of the entire members of that hollow chamber will be in jail.

The fall of Dino Melaye will stand as a remarkable sub-narrative of the kind of cabal-oriented, Godfather-driven and monetised politics that will forever keep Nigeria in a lockdown of political liabilities, democratic casualties and laughing stock before the world. Dino, thank God, the illusion of your immunity and invincibility has been detonated. Thank goodness, the demented, deranged and demagogic Dino has been detonated!!!

Your rebuker,


Taju Tijani.

State of a Failed Nation- 2

State of a Failed Nation- 2

By Taju Tijani

My last line in part one of this piece centered on the ongoing emasculation and total bastardisation of the National Assembly by the goon called Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki. I am one among many disenchanted and totally enraged Nigerians who believe that the architecture of our democracy has been repeatedly desecrated by the evil machinations and scheming of a Saraki, who hopes one day to become Nigeria’s president. He wants to rule Nigeria in order to unfurl and unfold the rule of corruption for the corrupt and among the corrupt. There is unhidden attempt by Saraki to set in stone a reckless and dangerous game of suppressing popular quest for accountability among senators.

What is the meaning of democracy to Nigerians? Who is it for? Who does it benefit? Are we born democrats by instinct, deed and character? Are politicians lords of the manor, or servants of the people? Is our democracy liberal in implementation or illiberal? What is the interior mental workings of a senator’s mind? Why is failure to steal public money as a public servant in Nigeria regarded as abnormal, aberration and insult to the canon of our democracy? The Nigerian politician is a thief. He is elected to steal, kill and destroy. Check the statistics.

Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo came and stole Nigeria’s wealth to build his Ota farm. Ex-Vice President Abubakar Atiku stole so much that he nearly bought up Dubai. Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife made stealing a career. They both plundered this nation so much that Nigeria was sent to intensive unit for bankruptcy. PDP governors enriched themselves massively. Senators, from the old anathema called David Mark, to the least of the pack, carted away money mindlessly. These political looters built mansions in Abuja worth billions of naira. Legislooters entered our political vocabulary. They came in as down and out and poor but by the end of eight years, they became billionaires. Nobody can say for a fact that he knows the salary of a governor in Nigeria.



When the ugly and shameless Godswill Akpabio was leaving office, he sinned against God and the people of Nigeria by the kind of stupendous salary and allowances he enshrined as law for himself and his old cronies.

Today, Nigeria is the amphitheater of a failed democracy. If the canon of democracy as the government of the people for the people and by the people is stretch to its farthest limit, that illusion becomes too glaring under the setting sun of Nigeria’s brand of democracy. Our democracy is crude, vile, iniquitous, corrupt, wicked, scandalous, sacrilegious, inhuman, dirty and evil. Our National Assembly is a hollow place of resource extraction. Our senators are lazy, thieves, ritualists, coven kings and queens, heartless, greedy, selfish, cantankerous, arrogant and unpatriotic. They are devil incarnate!!!

The public has been kept in the dark as to how much an average Nigerian senator earns for a 3 days job? These shameless toads are there not to alleviate the social, political, economic and security challenges humiliating Nigerians, but to tighten the noose further and suffocate the Nigerian masses with laws that neither provide bread nor butter on our dining tables. Conservative estimate places their average salary at a whopping N20million naira per month.

Allowances for furniture, gardeners, masseurs, driver, cook, shoe shiner, barber, mechanic, laundry, clothing, newspaper, medical checkup, entertainment, travel, petrol and constituency payment brings an average senator’s pay packet to N3billion naira in one solid month!!!

This kind of greed is peculiar to Nigerians. Money that is meant to heal the ills of our infrastructure is being pocketed by few people with criminal records of all sorts – from certificate forgery, embezzlement of public fund to drug dealing. Ours is an unusual and embarrassing form of democracy. Ours is a democracy that promotes the carnal comforts of its actors. In the National Assembly, Saraki leads by repression and cooption. The inability of our senators to see that they are a bunch of embarrassment to Nigerians is not surprising. In a nation where democracy has been monetized and standard lowered, the stage is set to turn the National Assembly into a den of vipers who misreads failure for success, infamy for honour, laziness for hardwork, corruption for transparency and unpatriotism for patriotism.


All these aberrations are symptomatic of a deep sickness. Our materialistic democracy that is obsessed with money sharing but opposed to any form of accountability, integrity and public morality has created a nation of wicked, selfish, greedy, money-minded and heartless lechers from the market woman to the university professor who must have sex with a female student for a better grade. When we have immoral, corrupt, dishonest, fraudulent, dishonest and completely shameless people as leaders and senators, Nigeria is set to turn into a land of Sodom and Gomorrah where everybody drinks iniquity like water.

Nigeria has turned into a land of mass defilement. President Mohammadu Buhari has been bewitched by the cabal. That sense of euphoria and goodwill that brought him to Aso Rock, have today, turned into anguish and regret among Nigerians, who are yet to see any form of dividend of democracy. In the place of dividend of democracy, the Buhari administration ushered in poverty on a massive scale, lawlessness, oppression, injustice, insecurity and narrow vision of statecraft. Buhari lack of firmness has embolden yesterday’s thieves to call the shot and hug the limelight where they rubbish his change agenda.

The Police are opposed to his change. The Army are opposed to his change. The PDP-turned APC politicians are all opposed to his desire to fight corruption. His own APC- led National Assembly senators are his greatest and enthusiastic opposers and enemies. These PDP-turned APC senators are not interested in the progress of Nigeria but the progress of their selfish interest. From Dr Bukola Saraki to the least APC members of the Senate are never converts by conviction but converts by convenience.

These so called PDP-turned APC senators have a grand scheme. That desire is to destabilize APC as a party and its agenda to rid Nigeria of corruption. At every opportunity the so called counterfeit APC senators lay pincers on the way for President Buhari. His ideas, his budget, his appointments, his request are either ignored, placed under brutalizing scrutiny, criticized, watered down or rejected. Phew…… the same party members!!! The Sarakinisation of our National Assembly has turned our democracy into a byword for stealing, stagnation, backwardness, impunity, failure, inefficiency, lawlessness, rascality, self-idolising farce, cabal of privateers, adversary, ostentatious and vulgar indulgence.


Today, Nigeria is prostrate, impoverished and monstrously unsafe. President Mohammadu Buhari’s messianic determination to wage war against corruption has produced no cheering result. His revolutionary zeal has been tempered by his own PDP-turned APC demagogues who have signed a pact with the devil to reduce Nigeria into a hellish shithole of poverty, disease, illiteracy, lack and insecurity.

State of a Failed Nation -1

State of a Failed Nation -1

By Taju Tijani

Today, we have to pull and push Nigeria on all sides. Today, we have to embark on flesh-and-blood distillations of the many aberrations pummeling Nigeria and making a supposedly great nation into a shithole.  Nigeria is a non-starter. 20 years of our democratic experiment has not scratch the surface of our long-running political, social and economic dilemmas. Where are the fixers? Where are the thinkers? Where are the rain makers who will bail us out of our profound inanities? Where are the prayer warriors who will deliver Nigeria from demonic oppression, arrest and control?

What is going on in Nigeria? What are the problems that have defied solutions? What is our ancestral sin? Twenty years after democratic governance, why are we back to square one? Why is majority of Nigerians becoming discouraged, despairing and hopeless? Why is it that every talk about Nigeria in the cafeteria, living rooms, classrooms and on the social media, is all about our evil, our wickedness and our cluelessness as a nation? Why is this massive absence of trust, compassion, kindness, care and love in a nation that has the largest churches in Africa?

Why are we forever fractured along tribal lines? Why are we quick to buy into tribal hatred, animosity and jealousy? Why do we generate polarities, contradictions, hatred and disconnections from one another? Why do we closed down every space for kindness, unity, harmony and selflessness? Why is the powerful muscling the poor and the weak? Why is might becoming the currency of social acceptance than gentleness? Why is money and the acquisition of humungous wealth the value that matters above anything else? Why is vanity and the ability to display more vanities among the rich, the elites and the looters more celebrated than intellect, public service and integrity?

Let us disinter these aberrations further. President Mohammadu Buhari, the leader of Nigeria, is today a hate figure. Call him a lame duck president you are damn right. Buhari has polarized Nigerians mainly on tribal and the deliverables. He sold the dummy of change to Nigerians. We bought it with glee, especially when it became the right thing to do after the darkness of PDP misrule of Nigeria for 16 punishing years. Collective hope translated into action when Nigerians voted out Jonathan and his brood of vipers who looted Nigeria dry.

Under Buhari, yesterday’s hope has turned into despair. He has tarnished his integrity with weakness for tribal clannishness. He has demonstrated his weakness for his Fulani clan. Nigeria is standing still under Buhari. He has been hampered by a tiny cabal who daily put fetters of chain on his hands. Under Buhari, looters are becoming bold to even accuse his government of incompetency. Yesterday’s thieves have regrouped to truncate his desire to fight corruption. The media have colluded with the looters and have turned their news platforms to looters to abuse, respond and dare the government of Buhari.

The war on insurgency and terrorism is in stalemate. Old claim of victory over Boko Haram has turned out to be fake news. Buhari will further deplete the treasury with a request for $1billion dollar to fight a rag-tag Islamic fighters who continued to shame the fabled might of the Nigerian Army. There is secrecy on the implementation of the war. Ex-General Danjuma has gone a notch further to think the unthinkable. He has accused the Nigerian Army of collusion with the enemy. There has been denial and counter-denials. The Army is miffed and challenged at the same time by the accusations.

The commander-in-chief, President Mohammadu Buhari in response to the collusion has made the biggest gaffe. Now, insurgency is being financed and insurgents are being trained from the grave by Gaddafi of Libya. The lies, the dishonesty and the misinformation of the Boko Haram insurgency is astounding. The integrity of the president is tarnished with this Boko Haram infamy and the herdsmen killings. Nigerians are reeling with unemployment, disease, illiteracy and social anomie, yet President Buhari wants to buy military hardware costing $1billion to fight a war he said has ended. Something is fishy about that request. There is even a popular sentiment that the $1billion dollar is meant for electioneering purposes and campaign. Buhari’s son had a mere motorcycle fall and he was flown to UK for treatment. This is Buhari’s moral quandary.

The National Assembly is a dissembling institution. That assembly has the greatest collection of corrupt, unpatriotic, selfish, cantankerous, arrogant, deceitful, scheming, money-minded and unrepentant set of revisionists you could imagine in our crude form of public politicking. Their body language, comments, deliberations, decisions and laws are firmly against the progress of Nigerians. Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the president of the Senate, is the de facto ruler of Nigeria. If morality and high standards have always guide our politics and public service, Saraki will not be on that seat. Senators have little interest in the unbundling of Nigerians from poverty, illiteracy and social inequality. They are more voracious and vicious when it comes to swallowing money just like the celebrated WAEC snake that we were told swallowed millions of naira. We have hooligans in the National Assembly. We have jokers. We have ritualists. We have drug barons. We have gun runners. We have looters. We have sexual predators. We have unpatriotic and haters of the people among them. Buhari’s strongest and unrepentant adversaries are in the National Assembly.

Omo-Agege, an Edo senator, is suspended from the National Assembly. Why? This man stepped on the toes of powerful, unpatriotic and evil schemers who are planning to derail our democracy through wicked machinations. Omo-Agege, a pro-Buhari politician, raised alarm and a genuine concern that the plan to rejig the order of election was a way to short change Buhari and disfavor him in the 2019 election. Immediately, this man was gagged. The question now is this: Is Saraki and his cohorts running a National Assembly that censors dissent and disagreement? Omo-Agege’s suspension for 90 days is the embodiment of Saraki’s arrogance, his controlling spirit, his evil scheme and his blatant hatred for Buhari, the APC and the level playing field that is supposed to guide any form of democracy.

Black Dead Bodies, Dabiri- Erewa and Looters’ List

Black Dead Bodies, Dabiri- Erewa and Looters’ List

By Taju Tijani

London is under a hysterical tremor. Fear has darkened my city’s landscape through the ongoing and senseless death of our children through turf gang warfare. Black fathers, mothers and the entire black community are in mourning. Death among our kids has become the theme of debate in talk shops, barber joints, offices, churches, living rooms and on the trains.

Among the poor, black chattering classes there is palpable anger and direct accusation against the Metropolitan Police of failure to protect our kids and arrest the growing and uncontrollable menace of knife crime among predominantly black kids. Too much black blood are flowing through the city of London and as at yesterday, the number of killings this year has rose to 55. Medical personnel have compared working in a London hospital with an Afghanistan war theatre, with surgeons performing life saving interventions on young victims every day.

The statistics is chilling. In one London hospital alone, 163 people were treated for stabbings, 23 for gunshot wounds and this between January 1 and April 6 this year. There are some blood sucking demons that have overpowered and overawed our community and our children are being exchanged as sacrifice. Nigerian names have been caught in the cross fire. The killing is defying solutions. As we send our condolences to the grieving parents, we have to come together as parents and begin to instil deep rooted Christian principles in the lives of our children in order to produce better and law abiding citizens.

However, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, should desist from exploiting the killing of one among many black deaths. Abraham Badru, son of Mr. Enitan Badru, a member of Nigeria’s House of Rep, was a victim of the killing. So also was Israel Ogunshola (Izzy) other kids with unknown dads. Dabiri-Erewa should be ashamed for seeking justice for the son of a member of House of Rep to the exclusion of other Nigerians killed on London streets. This is a thoughtless endeavor and a class mentality to protect a member of her own tribe. An attack on one Nigerian victim of knife crime in the UK, is an attack on all other innocent Nigerians whose dads are not member of House of Rep. What is wrong with this isale eko woman? Please leave us to grieve over these deaths and stop making political capital out of our loss. Yeye woman.

Last week, Lai Mohammed, the information minister, started the process of public shaming of political actors whose reflex for stealing public money is unequal anywhere in the world. After the fanfare what next? President Mohammadu Buhari and his administration may be making the longest looters’ list on earth, but what really matters is what do you do with the alleged looters?

Already the list is heating up the polity. Mud is being thrown. Grenades are being lobbed. Even thieves are so embolden and are all calling the shots through the media. Fani-Kayode, the talkative scoundrel who consistently believes that he is Nigeria’s greatest gift, has been beaten his chest and counter-accusing the government’s propaganda chief, Lai Mohammed, of insanity for alleging that he stole N866 million. It amuses me when Fani-Kayode and Dino Melaye, the two loudest political thugs in Nigerian politics, hug the media limelight and pirouette their innocence. How can you serve as a minister in Nigeria and not steal? Stealing is embedded in our DNA. And until Buhari live up to the purpose of his second coming, that is, to change Nigeria, the hope of Nigerians for a radical overhaul will remain a pipe dream.

So Mr. President,  Sai baba, ogbeni Buhari, what do you now do with the alleged looters of our common wealth? Are they going to be prosecuted? Or is there a plea bargaining scheme in place for them to return part of the loot? Are we going to see political thieves in Kirikiri prison in the life of your administration or not? Is the list all-encompassing or parochial? What happened to all the former state actors who crossed over to the APC when the fear of hurricane Buhari was set to sweep Nigeria in early 2015? Are they all clean skins? Or are we to wait for Looters’ List Part 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc…

Mere titillating of our taste bud with the names of public money plunderers without any whimper of prosecution and conviction shows the injustice of our kind of democracy.  Nigerians could not afford not to see conviction – rule of law or not.  Last Friday, a South Korean court jailed former President Park Geun-hye for 24 years over corruption charges of collusion with the country’s conglomerates. The court also fined Park, the daughter of a former military dictator, 18 billion won ($16.9 million) after finding her guilty of charges including bribery, abuse of power and coercion.

As I write, former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula is on his way to a 12-year jail sentence for taking bribes from an engineering firm in return for juicy contract with state-run oil company. Mr. President, these two countries are deepening their democracy through proper justice and zero tolerance for corruption, especially in the rank of their leaders. The corruption charges levied against both Park and Lula are nothing compared with charges on many of our politicians. In Nigeria we are not only shaming our justice system but also undermining the bedrock of our democracy. Politicians and military chiefs embezzled state money and are left to roam free, what message is President Buhari sending to the youths?  Rule of law is the cheapest excuse any stupid and clueless leader will give as an impediment to prosecution. Is there no rule of law in South Korea and Brazil?

Former South African leader and murderer in chief of Nigerians in his country, Mr Jacob Zuma was hurled before a court on corruption charges relating to a $2.5 billion arms deal. He faces 16 charges including fraud, racketeering and money laundering. Two months ago he was Mr President, but today he is accused number one. That is democratic accountability in action? The question is: when will Jonathan, Obasanjo, Babagida and Abubakar answer for the looting that took place during their tenure as commander-in-thief of the Nigerian state? Until all these people are brought to account for the total destruction of Nigeria through corruption, Buhari remains a political hypocrite, a coward and a deceiver.