Trump: Of shithole, rat hole and monkey hole

Trump: Of shithole, rat hole and monkey hole

By Taju Tijani

President Donald Trump has ruffled the delicate feathers of Africans by lampooning and calling their continent a shithole. Immediately, social media, talk shops, isiewu and mama put joints were overheated with angry cadences, righteous denunciations, condemnations and racial genuflections. I watched all the sentimental superficiality with amusement and Calvinistic calmness. What’s all the flex about, for shithole sake? What is the reason for the toxic words being bandied about POTUS? Sorry, POTUS is the acronym for President of the United States! When are we going to reclaim common sense from our fury and hysteria?

Be warned: this piece is not for hypocrites. If you are one, sign off. It is written, “Open rebuke is better than love carefully concealed”. Yes, I may want to join the Afrocentric bandwagon and begin to lob rude and angry expletives on President Donald Trump, but because Africa is yet to weave its spell of greatness on me, I will not speak evil of POTUS. I will not be counted among the self-righteous mobsters who are defending Mother Africa from a man known for racist slur, bigotry, extremist views and for his preference for eugenics.

Again, it is written, “Though you grind a fool in a mortar with a pestle with crushed grain, yet his foolishness will not depart from him”. I will not be counted as a foolish African who cannot embrace the truth, even if the truth is coming from a distant, Alpha white voice. My rage or your rage does not matter anyway. President Trump, whether you like it or not, will always force reaction, positive or negative, as long as he remains the POTUS. Rather today, I want my discretion to get the better part of my polemical rage against Trump.

My question is this: Is Trump’s angry prognosis of the African political, social, economic, cultural and relational conditions right or wrong? Is the POTUS right to dismiss a huge, developing, sunny and pulsating land of black people a shithole? Does he have the moral right to such vexatious description? Is he voicing out what the white race had known all along about the Africans? Is his categorization of Africa as a shithole a mere illusion or real? Are we to thank the POTUS for saying it as it really is or join the self-righteous Afrocentric lovers and ask for his grey head on a platter?

Let me state here that America, Europe and Africa are lands of manifest differences. The nobility and greatness of America and Europe is the vision of their founding fathers and mothers. America and Europe were founded on the notions of democracy, fairness, justice, equality and transparency. Most African nations after the euphoria of their independence were founded on evil democracy, political rascality, vote rigging, tribalism, nepotism, inequality, unfairness, zero vision, injustice, oppression, police and Army brutality, treasury looting, graft, bribery and corruption and incredible impunity. Since independence, these aberrations have remained the common universal truth left standing in most African nations.

So, the plain speaking POTUS acting like a health inspector and seeing the consequences of our short term vision since our independence, finds it difficult not to say it as it is. President Trump sees a catastrophic and monumental waste of resources, opportunities and talents on a scale unimaginable. What the POTUS sees about us is this: Africans are parasites, thieves, plunderers, cheats, greedy, selfish, dirty, brutish, wicked, backward thinking, irrational, felons, undemocratic and liars.  Soyinka, Sophocles and Shakespeare would have written our ongoing conditions in Africa as a tragedy.


For example, Nigeria got her independence after a bloodless struggle from the European colonisers. Since that independence, leaders in Nigeria are yet to find a final solution to the gravitational incongruities between integrity and survival, honesty and duplicity, transparency and corruption, greed and content, selfishness and selflessness and accountability and impunity. Politicians in Nigeria are forever consumed by a sort of fever for corruption. There is a lofty distaste for honesty, patriotism and the desire to make Nigeria great. The social and political order in Nigeria is now dictated by rogues in uniform, ‘agbada’, Armani suits, ‘babanriga’, political thugs, third rate brains, moneybags, godfathers and well-heeled poster girls dotted across Abuja.

Now, if Nigeria, the self-described giant of Africa could be counted among the countries that have slide into the bottomless pit of failed states, what then is the fate of less resources-endowed African countries? Here we can see the connection being made by President Donald Trump between our poverty, backwardness and decay which then translate into a shithole. So the Trump-African implosion is this: “Why are we having these people from shithole countries come here?”  The question is, how do we know shithole countries? What makes a country a shithole?

It is written, “He who covers his sins will not prosper but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy”. It may be troubling to say, but I must admit that many African nations are shithole, rat hole and even monkey hole. The greed-addicted forces that dominate many of Africa’s political, social, economic, legal and media institutions have colluded to make that beautiful continent into shithole. A critical mass of the population of most African nations are condemn to daily suffering and servitude. A continent where politicians steal brazenly, unaccountable, use terror to subvert the manifest destiny of their people is a shithole.


Nigeria is a senior shithole nation. Her shithole is larger, deeper and the noxious odor of its shithole stinks to high heavens. Nigeria’s elites and cabal are the biggest threat to the continued survival of poor Nigerians. Trump’s Africa is bleeding from million cuts…from corruption, feudal mindset, brutality, political impunity, economic paralysis, hunger, diseases and total disregard for the vulnerable, weak, tired and old. In Africa, our domestic governance is through brute force and total disregard for any form of respect for the citizens’ fundamental human right. A continent so described is a shithole, rat hole and monkey hole.  A nation of kidnappers, ritualists, occultists, lawless senators, politicians, zero safety net for the helpless is a shithole. A nation where its leaders run abroad from common cold is a shithole. A nation where politicians will empty the treasury and still walk around unmolested and unprosecuted is a shithole.

Let me thank the POTUS for letting the world know the conditions of Africa as a shithole. He has conscripted all Africans that may have been damaged and wounded by his insult into a new network of “Time’s Up”. His racist, demarcating, abhorrent and crude description of our continent is nothing short of a wakeup call on the current generations of all Africans to fight the stubborn forces of darkness and retrogression that have colluded for far too long to subject Africa, from the plain Angola to the greenery of Zimbabwe into a continent of sewer, shithole, rat hole and monkey hole.




Libyan Desert Slavery and Nigeria’s Silence

Libyan Desert Slavery and Nigeria’s Silence

By Taju Tijani

It was a lazy Friday night. I have just finished listening to my favourite jazz artiste on the YouTube. Then, bang came an idea. Ol boy watch the Libyan enslavement and murders of Nigerian in the desert and comment on it. Most of the offerings on YouTube distilled the Manichean struggle between good and evil, justice and injustice, freedom and slavery. I was spellbound and held captive, or rather oscillated between anger and sadness. What is the reason behind the Maghrebian nation of Libya’s documented savagery and blatant Mediterranean racism on black Africans? Why this slippage into a mournfully morbid cyclone of insane wickedness….why…..why?????

Majority of the huddled mass of migrants trapped in the Libyan enclave of sadism were Nigerians. Young, beautiful and talented Nigerians. These are the wasted generations shaped by the unending corruption of their government; total neglect, evil democracy and the abdication of responsibilities of the Nigerian government to its vulnerable citizens. The voice of democracy with its promise to be the government of the people, by the people and for the people has fallen silent.  Democracy, which is supposed to make a difference in the life of average Nigerian, has turned these “Desert runners” into slaves, beggars and prostitutes.

In the desert of terror, all I saw was man’s capacity for savagery, brutality and evil. There was a relentless and horrific struggle to redefine racism and wickedness. Nigerian migrants were despised and treated as commodity to be domesticated for domestic slavery and shanty town prostitutes. Lawless Libya and its lawless armed militia could not hide its lawlessness on defenseless migrants passing through its border to the greener pastures of Spain and Italy. The Libyan desert guerillas had to quarantine their fellow human beings as sheep destined for the slaughter according to their mood. Talk of mood swings here!!! Weak, tired and captured migrants, who all looked forlornly hopeless, could only wait in turn for a gruesome fate of merciless beatings, stabbing, rape and murder.

The story of Libya under Col. Muammar Gaddafi need no retelling here.  Permit me to quote his last speech here. For 40 years, or was it longer, I can’t remember, I did all I could to give people houses, hospitals, schools, and when they were hungry, I gave them food. I even made Benghazi into farmland from the desert. Then I helped my brothers and sisters from Africa with money for the African Union.

I did all I could to help people understand the concept of real democracy, where people’s committees ran our country. But that was never enough, as some told me, even people who had 10-room homes, new suits and furniture, were never satisfied, as selfish as they were they wanted more.

They told Americans and other visitors, that they needed “democracy” and “freedom” never realizing it was a cut throat system where “the biggest dog eats the rest”, but they were enchanted with those words, never realizing that in America, there was no free medicine, no free hospitals, no free housing, no free education and no free food, except when people had to beg or go to long lines to get soup.

No matter what I did, it was never enough for some, but for others, they knew I was the son of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the only true Arab and Muslim leader we’ve had since Salah-al-Deen, when he claimed the Suez Canal for his people, as I claimed Libya, for my people, it was his footsteps I tried to follow, to keep my people free from colonial domination – from thieves who would steal from us. When others were building castles, I lived in a modest house, and in a tent. I never forgot my youth in Sirte, I did not spend our national treasury foolishly, and like Salah-al-Deen, our great Muslim leader, who rescued Jerusalem for Islam, I took little for myself…

In the West, some have called me “mad”, “crazy”, but they know the truth yet continue to lie, they know that our land is independent and free, not in the colonial grip, that my vision, my path, is, and has been clear and for my people and that I will fight to my last breath to keep us free, may Allah almighty help us to remain faithful and free”.

Yes, Libya under Gaddafi was a small paradise Mediterranean nation of sufficiency. You may call him a dictator, mad or crazy but the man delivered the true dividend of democracy to his Arab people. He embraced, defended and provided every basic amenities that would make life worth living to his people: jobs, houses, free medicines, good roads, free education and a sense of Arab nationalism on all levels. To Gaddafi, what gave democracy legitimacy was the promotion of fairness, justice, social happiness, equity and unity of all Africans.

Nigeria has stubbornly remained the very anti-thesis of all the democratic virtues listed above. Worse is the depraved indifference of President Mohammadu Buhari to the dark events in the desert of Libya. He remained serenely untroubled by the ferocious savagery and murders of his citizens trapped in a desert wasteland. There is no rebellious zeal on the part of Buhari’s government to pursue and unearth the truth behind the near-genocide visited on Nigerians by their Libyan haters.

His ongoing agenda is to preserve the status quo and those dark forces that had held down Nigeria since our independence. His change mantra, with its promise to take Nigeria to a sinless paradise nation, has remained a pipe dream. The eradication of corruption which was the magnet that drew voters to him has remained hard-wired into the very structure of his own administration.

Nigerians who have been denied, neglected, dumbed down and damaged by Buharonomics, zero vision, insecurity, lack of opportunities, impunity, unemployment, status quo oppression, political pretences, fear and self-centredness have turned out to be the victims of brutality, violence, rape and murder in the Libyan desert wasteland. These victims of death and decay had to vote with their legs by embracing the nihilist orthodoxy of “by all means necessary”.

Out there on the streets, there is a huge sense of disillusion that Nigeria under Buhari should have made a massive hell of a noise by demanding persecution of all Libyan perpetrators of the crime against Nigerians. Also, there should be a massive reparation to all the surviving victims of terror, forced incarceration, slavery and prostitution. We demand this as a matter of justice and the right moral way to exorcise the Arab savagery on innocent black Africans.


The Burden of Praying for Nigeria

The Burden of Praying For Nigeria

By Taju Tijani

Hmmmm……..As the year crawled to its last gasp, the social media was thrown into a frenzied atmosphere of prayerfest. It is the sign of the end time for most Christians. You must wear your badge of being a Christian when you saunter in and out of the social media sphere. It is always ‘AMEN’ to a chain prayer shared by a contact or you might offend the Holy Spirit and be branded an anti-Christ. Ok o……We all try to be compliant either on Facebook or WhatsApp and offer chorus of Amens in order to arrest any misperception of who we are in Christ. Until…………..

Yes, until the New Year’s eve when I received a request to join a moving crowd of a prayer chain interceding on behalf of Nigeria. What? Someone requested that I should pray for Nija? Hahahahaaaaa!!!  A bit of my Christian credentials may be necessary here. Don’t be deceived by my byline. I am a born again Christian. Baptised into his name and enjoying every moment in his presence. I read my Bible daily, pray fervently and find time to fast to seek answers to troubling times. I attend church on Sundays, still struggling with my tithes and offerings, but the fear of God is in me without measure. I love Jesus. I love the Father who purchased my salvation through the Cross of Cavalry.

I pray for my wife, children, friends, colleagues and my adopted country of UK. However, I have a burden. The burden of praying for Nigeria! Yes, it’s a burden to pray for Nigeria. And because I am not a hypocritical Christian, I politely told the sharer of the chain prayer who wanted to coopt me into an exercise in futility that I will not pray for Nigeria. Period. My answer was apt. “Madam, I am British, why should I pray for Nigeria?” She came back and responded. “So I am too. Praise God! Happy New Year 2018 IJMN”.  I pursued and fired again. “But you will be praying for her. I won’t.” Then silence……….more prolong silence. Then in a real moment of ecstatic gusto, I said, “I will pray for Britain to continue to be a blessed nation where I can live in peace and realized all my God given potentials.”

Madam disappeared from the “chatosphere”. That was the end of story. I only hope that madam will not prejudge me as a bad Christian and anti-Nigeria. Whatever!!! There are many reasons why I will not pray for Nigeria. We have damn too many churches and mosques.

These are the institutions ordained by God to pray, intercede and heal a sick nation like Nigeria. Why? Their pastors and imams have gone to bed with politicians so much that majority of them are in their pay roll. The GO among them have left the flock and are now modern jet set who fly private jets from Mombasa to Miami and from Alicante to Atlanta. These are the people who are benefiting from the Nigerian system and they should be on their knees praying for a nation that is looking after them so fantastically.

I will not pray for Nija because of the politicians who have no fear of God and have all the same abandoned the Almighty because of a fleeting position. Check them out. They consult marabout. Majority of them have resorted to worshiping Ogun, Oya, Obatala, Esu, Crystals, Animals, Sango, Hindu, Feng Shui, Hare Rama Hare Krishna and sacred forests. Yes, I can understand that the beginning of the millennium ushered in heretical views and man’s quest for a divine God began to be questioned. Falling on their freely given spirit of choice, Nigerian politicians then began to look for God in occultic covens, shrines, Guru Maharaji hideout and in the fortified synagogue along Ikotun Egbe.

I will not pray for Nigeria because 57 years of prayers have not made Nigeria any greater. Prayer has not eradicated our corruption. Prayer has not given us constant light. Prayer has not forced an equitable redistribution of Nigeria’s commonwealth. Prayer has not made our roads any better. Prayer has not produced jobs to millions of jobless Nigerians. Prayer has not arrested kidnappings and assassinations. Prayer has not created a fair access to Nigeria’s justice system. Prayer has not reduced police brutality on defenseless Nigerians. Prayer has not reduced the average Nigerian’s appetite for greed and sharp business practices. Prayer has not stopped politicians from blatantly stealing public money. Prayer has not rebuild our broken institutions. Prayer has not forced any rethink on Senators who are rapacious hyenas on a daily prowl to ravage Nigeria to the bone.

Lack of moral and spiritual guidance have reduced Nigeria to the lowest pole of a failed state. Our failure as a nation could well be seen in the queues in foreign embassies in Nigeria. We are witnessing almost daily how easily politics of a zero vision can capsize destiny. The Nigerian youths who I called powerless bystanders are the ones who are still praying. Unsure of what prayer to pray, they are praying to God to grant them visa favour to leave a ruined paradise to a life of a new beginning anywhere but Nigeria.

Nigeria is pain. Nigeria is stress to millions of its citizens. Returnees from the hell of Libya and South Africa will not pray for Nigeria. Nigeria has failed them. Nigeria abandoned them to nations that terrorised their humanity while Nigeria, their country, looked the other way. Nigerians who are ready to be coopted into slavery harvest in a foreign land will never pray for Nigeria.

I will not pray for Nigeria. This is a burden for the Abuja politicians and elites who are suffocating and bankrupting a beautiful nation of talented men and women into beggars and servitude. Rather, I will unleash evocative prayers for Britain for turning my life around and for stretching her arm of safety net to me. Madam, once again, I will not pray for Nigeria!!! Happy New Year to all friends and enemies of “Distant Voices”. Catch you next week.

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Nigerian Women Are Lonely Hearts In UK

Nigerian Women Are Lonely Hearts In UK

By Taju Tijani

The joy of a woman is to have a loving husband, happy home, happy kids and fulfilling career. Yes, a Nigerian woman in the UK may have a fulfilling career but what is in scarcity among their ranks are men they could proudly called husbands. Career wise, Nigerian women are beating their competing men in getting the right job with the right pay and the right prospect. They are high flyer who sometimes fly too high close to the sun where they get……..fill the gap. They call the shot in care, teaching, housing, hospitality, cleaning, mental health, nursing, catering, saloon business, retail and other sundry jobs.

Our men control the universe of IT, immigration advisers, security, warehouse, cabbing, parking control officers, bus driving, restaurant business and other entrepreneurship of all hues. Wherever you see accomplished Nigerian women professionals, there is always a prideful presumption that they are better and well educated than the men with lower jobs. This irrational assumption is causing so much heartache among Nigerian men in the UK. The UK is governed by a woman – the Queen!!! It is managed for the queen by a woman – the Prime Minister. Most middle level jobs are controlled by women. So, it is most likely that an average Nigerian male has a woman bossing him from 9 – 5pm on a daily basis.

According to Karl Kraus, a liberated woman is like a fish that has fought its way ashore. According to statistics, most women once they breathe the air of liberation, they begin to control, intimidate, manipulate and dominate any male that comes near their turf. The war of the sexes is real in the female universe. If the theatre of war is limited to the confines of offices, things would not have been the way they are now. But the war is spilling through to the romantic paradise of bedrooms where the man feels threatened and intimidated by bottom power of a different kind.

Therefore, in an island where women are over-empowered, men become sissy and waiting goons to be controlled and manipulated. Nigerian women fare worse here. Anecdotal stories are replete with sad narratives of how Nigerian women professionals are becoming bad bedfellows. Nigerian professional women are becoming arrogant. They are becoming culture vultures who feed on other people’s cultures and abandon their own. The idea of a happy home through obedience, subservience and respect for the husband are becoming Stone Age precepts of a forgotten era. To them, happiness is having total control over the home, the finances and the children. Men to them are no longer regarded with the kind of awe the Nigerian culture lay down. Western culture is the new yardstick being used to measure their homes.

This is where things are falling apart with the Nigerian women in the UK. Equality with men on all levels has come to represent European culture which has not lead to happiness in marriages. European culture is laden with emotional insecurity and moral ambiguity and there is nowhere these twin devils are more damaging than among the Nigerian family who assimilated this culture and threw their own culture out of the window. Marriages have been destroyed through male insecurity in the home. Separation happens daily among Nigerians because of western value that promotes women above men in most marriages. Instead of respect and obedience for men, the Western culture is forcefully promoting equality, empowerment and partnership in Nigerian homes to the chagrin of Nigerian men who are brought up and bred with different set of marriage values from those of their host. This value conundrum is widening by the day. This clash of culture is eroding the respect that a man deserves and the delicate structure of his ego is being systematically destroyed.

Trouble almost always begins when a woman lands a job and begins to contribute to the domestic demands of the family make up.  The marriage is threatened almost immediately the couple begins to share water, light, heating and grocery bills. The arrangement may suit the owners of the culture but to a Nigeria it is an indirect way to hijack power from the man to the woman. After all, a man is supposed to provide for his family to maintain dominance, respect and obedience but once that power is taken away by other arrangement, the family is open to insecurity and eventual collapse.

To share the bills with a wife may be cool and cost effective but the damage to male ego is so huge it is causing a rethink among Nigerian men. The Nigerian woman who is contributing to family upkeep is not disposed anymore to cook food, do the laundry, take kids to school and perform her bedroom gymnastics as required by natural law. The man has to share in the cooking, take kids to school, wash the car, do the laundry and even hoover the family house. Sex is no longer on demand. It has to be negotiated and agreed on the woman’s terms.

The net effect of this are broken marriages and broken hearts. Nigerian men are walking out of their marriages and fleeing from controlling, domineering and manipulating wives who are determined to enforce the rules at home. On the other hand, Nigerian women are consolidating their power base by using their kids, The Police, accommodation and other safety net thrown at them to intimidate and send their husbands away from home. In some forced arrangement, Nigerian men are made to bear sexless marriage, sleep on the couch and play the obedient Abraham where the lady of the house rewards with the carrot or chastises with a stick.

The percentage of Nigerian women without husband is becoming a worry and concern among pastors and marriage counsellors. Nigerian women prefer their jobs, their children and their homes to their husbands. The banalisation of marriage due to control and domination by Nigerian women has remain an unending topic all over the UK. Nigerian women daily return from work into empty homes without husbands waiting with a loving and outstretched arms. Nigerian men are reliving the bachelor life even at 50 and 60s in a tragic marriage hubris that tends to give women power over their men and castrating them into goons, servitude and quiet compliance with all kinds of domestic rules that make living together impossible.

This endless tug of marriage war has led to exodus of Nigerian men to Nigeria to find respect, honour and obedience among local women yet untainted by Western values that erode the power of the man in his own home.

Nigerian Women Are Bullies in UK

Nigerian Women Are Bullies in UK

By Taju Tijani

London, the London of dreams and shattered dreams is becoming a wasting island of broken relationship among thousands of many Nigerians who have settled and regard London as home. The attraction of London as a magnet for immigrants may remain but the fractured and separated lives of black Londoners are becoming worrisome to social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, the Police, teachers and pastors. Black lives may matter as a protest mantra but the real issue after the lights are out goes deeper than the fifteen minutes of fame among the rank of mobvilles demanding for justice for oppressed brethren.

Nigerian marriages are in shambles. Nigerian kids are becoming talk back kids with no respect for parents due in part to either absent father figure or weak parentage. The double whammy train is chugging along with nobody to apply the brakes. Black lives are in reverse in the oasis of Nigerian community. Arguably, Nigerians may be the largest black community in the UK. They love the UK. They are here year after year to get educated, work, live and some are here for the fast bucks via crimes. There are many Nigerian high lifers. There are many Nigerian low lifers. There is no in between. You either carry the Nigerian flag with glory or bring shame to it. We have the successful ones. We have the rich guys. We have the brainy ones. We have the classy ones. We have the lazy ones. We have the thieves. We have the brain dead Nigerians. We have the gold diggers.

In the ever dynamic lottery of life, a chance to come to UK is the highest prize among Nigerians.  If a ship docks at the wharf and ask Nigerians to come aboard on a voyage of willing slavery, millions will take the risk to escape from Sarakinised universe of waste, unemployment and mental death. But that narrative is for another day! The good old days when family life is the highest prize of honour has long gone. Family life among Nigerians is in shambles. Pastors cannot cope. Marriage counsellors are grappling with uncommon phenomenon and crying out loud for sanity to come back. Psychologists cannot formulate any theory behind the high incidents of broken marriages among Nigerian couples in the UK.

As a chronicler of both sense and inanities and a real Londoner who have seen it all, I will upload my own sentiment to the debate and the readers to make sense of my hot flush! Britain is a castrating nation. Nigerian men have been castrated right on the balls through the power of law, equality and the host culture that tends to give more to women than men. Britain lost the stuffy idea of being a patriarchal nation many years ago. Men have roadblocks to grapple with. Women have no barrier to scale. By instinct, all Nigerian males are patriarchal in nature. In attitude. In speech. Inside their relationship. Even towards their bosses. Yes, it is Biblical. But Britain loathes it. Western society will not accommodate patriarchy anymore. It is regarded as ancient, barbaric, domineering and oppressive.

Today, patriarchalism is the glue holding our society together. Our men love to dominate, control and oppress their women. Women are mostly subservient to the whims and caprices of their men in Nigeria. Yes, it may be ancient but we love it and relish it and we will not kill it. It is a continental malady that has had no cure for centuries. We borrow it from our granddads through the generations and it has no end in sight no matter the recent protestations of our “enlightened women”. Therefore, most Nigerian men are victims of this generational conditionings that encourage dominance, oppression and control.


Meanwhile, most Nigerian women in the UK are unmistakably freedom lovers. The UK coopted them into this freedom loving lifestyle. They love it. Rather than regard the limitless freedom women enjoy in their host nation as culture shock, most Nigerian women embraced it. Centuries of conditioning has made the Alpha white male in the UK to reject his role as the head of his home. The narrative of the man heading his home has been neutered into partnership. Husband is now a cliché. Partnership is the new title for both couples. So when the African man comes into this strange arrangement, his ego takes a battering.  His self-esteem takes a tumble. His manliness shrinks. His balls are castrated. He finds a new role – a passenger in a fast moving car rushing to disaster.

As the Nigerian male balls are castrated, bottom power takes over and the home becomes overheated with chaos and power struggle. According to findings, the most immediate need of a man in a relationship is respect. This is followed by good screw. Then good food. Then good shower and good after shave. Laughter!!!  Today, the burden of partnership and equality in relationship among Nigerians is taking a huge toll. Nigerian men are predisposed to receiving respect and obedience from their wives. But women here are predisposed to keeping their freedom and in the process reject any role that makes them subservient in any form or shape. The argument goes that headship of a home has been blunted. A man rushes out to his 9-5 grind. So too a woman rushes out to bring bread and butter to the table.  The bills are shared. Everything is equalized to further strengthen the narrative of equality.

The main controlling power a man has over a woman is the idea that he is wired to be the breadwinner. Sorry mate! Not anymore in the UK. Both male and female have to catch the train daily to go find bread for the table. And that is where the Nigerian male backbone is broken. That is where his ego is thrashed. That is where his balls are kicked. And that is where his natural disposition to oppress, control and dominate his wife is removed. And that is where his respect is eroded. And that is why the woman could deny him sex. And even deny him food. And that is where African marriages in the West are harvesting separation and divorce on a massive scale. The question is when will the Nigerian man regains his respect, his good screw and aftershave back from our female bullies?




The Burden of Indivisible Nigeria – 2

The Burden Of Indivisible Nigeria -2

By Taju Tijani

Note: This article was first published in 2013. The message is still very relevant today.

On a daily basis, Nigerians are experiencing disaffection with our political processes. There are contempt for the motivations of elected politicians and appointed public servants. Most Nigerians are tired and uninspired by Abuja public officials. Consider the data: Youth unemployment in Nigeria is 72% (70 million), a yawning aberration! Lack of affordable housing for over 100 million Nigerians. Nil access to medical care by over 150 million Nigerians. This absurd crisis of democratic legitimacy intensifies hourly with every breaking news of fresh corruption, profligacy, impunity, fraud and executive inaction.

Indifference to people suffering is, in my estimation, bad politics. In fact, bad citizenship.  This ongoing crisis, however, has been accentuating and exerting far more strident call for the dissolution of our unity. Why? Our century-long amalgamation or unity is no longer democratically adequate to promote fairness, justice, equity and peaceful co-existence. It had remained the very anti-thesis of all the virtues listed above. Nigerians are tired of a forced marriage that has corruption manifest at its heart and the rampant criminality of excesses of government from the President, Governors, ministers to the special assistants who are like flies in Nigeria.

The status quo in Nigeria had remained serenely untroubled since our independence. They have never been seriously challenged. Possibly, out of our own timidity. The time is now to reject the selfish, venal values of those who run Nigeria. The time to strengthen the primacy of the nation state as a popular notion of global politics is now. Jonathan has no bold agenda to change anything than preserves the status quo and those dark forces agitating for the continuation of our unity instead of our independence from Nigeria as allowed by the constitution.

Jonathan’s political utopia is a pipe dream. There is no way he can deliver Nigeria to the sinless state of paradise. He lacks the vision and the political wisdom to leap that great wall of fear, insecurity and self-centredness to lend support to rational dreamers agitating for separate nations from Nigeria. Nigerians who have been denied, dumb down and damaged are sick and tired of the tawdry pretences of our unity. Out there on the streets, there is a huge sense of disillusion compounded by the daily political pantomime going on in Abuja.

One cannot restate it enough that power in Nigeria is wielded by the rich and strong for the rich and strong. That is why Otedola, Dangote, Adenuga, Uba of our universe have unfettered access to the seat of power than say Ndibe, Adesanmi, Olumhense, etc. We have endured all kinds of looter-leaders for over five decades playing on the inherent illusion of the power one indivisible Nigeria.

But the truth is that unity has spread inequality, despair, corruption and impunity. And the time is now to reject a dysfunctional federal machinery that promotes multiple insecurities among its constituting nationalities. Our political wounds and tribal hatred are multilayered and no longer consigned to the old binary North versus the West or West versus the East. There has been many other polarisations.

Jonathan’s cluelessness is legendary. If he has any vision, he should know that national conference is potentially a seismic event of national reawakening which should lead to dissolution or parting of ways. Bonding Nigerians together in a giant bubble of indivisibility is no longer popular in our society. Unity only covet unfair advantage on few to the detriment of others. We are becoming more aware day by day that our unity is a fraud concocted by few, tiny, incubated elites to perpetually dominate and enslave Nigerians for the few.

We deserve more from the politicians than the few derisory tit-bits tossed our way by our lazy, unthinking and fraud-driven masters of the people. Our unity only promotes hokey pokey game of cabal in which thoroughly mugunised Nigerians are forced to choose every four years what bullet proof cars the thief who leads us must purchase from Cocharis.

It is becoming hard for our entrenched elites to countenance opposite ideas from the narrowly prescribed trench of unity at all cost. Who said? Our unity has not liberated millions of Nigeria from shipping and taking a permanent residency in the Apocalypse. High corruption is woven and institutionalised within our federal system. Ordinary Nigerians will steal N50, 000 naira and a lorry load of mobile police personnel will hone on him like an American drone. But belong to the shameless, avaricious, greed-bedevilled political class and you could steal the entire treasury and end up a recipient of national award.

The thieves who run Nigeria are averse to an active population who are politically enlightened. They prefer mugus and passive zombies. Jonathan knows that there are workable alternatives to our forced unity but he has to work assiduously to hide that truth. Nigerians merely bond together for the sake of survival but tribalism sits at the centre of our heart and dictates our deepest actions. Consider the virus of hatred tearing Yoruba and Igbo apart on discussion forums on the Internet. Consider the deepest agitation of the Boko Haram? The Biafran. The Omo Oduduwa. It is one direction: separate destiny!

Hatred for each other has drained unity of its value, its integrity, its strength, its protective structure, its transparency and its synergy. What we practice is convert the power of federalism and deploy it to pursue impunity and vendetta on perceived enemies as we see in the case of Rotimi Amaechi and Oyinlola Olagunsoye.  Our unity is now a passing meteor, a dry well and a melting vapour.

The rising cry for autonomy, dissolution, separateness or independence is our best hope of meeting the developmental aspirations of our people. The strident agitation for self-determination is the answer to Abuja’s aloofness, remoteness and disconnection from the majority of the public. This is the crisis of political disengagement in an unwieldy federal structure. Our unity does not encourage mass access to politics except for few. That is why APC could undertake a tragi-comedy visit to Babangida and Abubakar to the negligence of the people.

Our unity is going through a decay because our politicians are bad educators. They teach the wrong values – corruption, arrogance, impunity, brutality, revenge, wickedness, stealing – in a space of their uninspiring time in the saddle of political power. Consider the life story of Jonathan. The hope of all Nigerians after his emotion-laded, salacious and disadvantaged shoeless past was that he will do politics differently. But he has proven to be too educated beyond his intelligence. He has become a leader who gives monstrous accommodation to corruption as we see in the rehabilitation of Diepreye Alayemasiegha.

The problem with Jonathan is that he is dull and a conformist. He has a wishbone but what he needs is a backbone. However, we are watching and interested in how the political fabric of the ongoing national conference would be threaded. But there is a political disaster on the way. Jonathan faces a clash of conviction: satisfying the narrow agenda of tiny elites or acceding to the genuine desire of millions of long-suffering Nigerians yearning for their own republic. Biafra is on standby. Oduduwa is on standby. Boko Haram is on standby.

Our unity has not produce austereans in government. Rather it has allowed politicians to indulge their fantasies for opulent living, prestige cars, billion dollar mansions, heart-stopping salaries, private jets, pomp, parties, foreign homes, sexual orgies and blissful philandering. Our federal unity structure has encouraged profligate monoculture. It has encouraged rouges and charlatans. Our federal unity promotes a dysfunctional, obsolete structure that encourages resource cleansing. Self determination by the nationalities will encourage bolder innovations, common touch, faster community development, homogeneity and less hidebound than a united Nigeria of disparage interests and aspirations.

Self determination of the nationalities is the politics of the future and the cure for the haemorrhaging nature of our unity. Therefore, the ongoing national conference is the last rituals for a wobbly unity before its burial. The conference is a way to reawaken from the comic-book obsession which seems to suggest that our unity is not negotiable. In the eyes of our tiny slave masters, Nigeria should remain a mugudom where the genuine aspirations of 170 million people for freedom is forever denied by clowns who could not survive if we go our separate ways.

Well the die is now cast. It is either we stand and be counted or sit and do nothing.  Federal unity that fetishises corruption is as doomed as a sinking Titanic.  Jonathan with pontifical dogmatism has ruled out any alternative to inclusive union. He is the very Judas betraying the nationalities into the hands of thieves, brigands, exploiters, slave masters and plunderers. No persuasive articles or polemical essays have succeeded in dissuading Jonathan from the near-religious belief in the unity of Nigeria to the exclusion of various alternatives.

He cannot puncture this limiting orthodoxy because he has allowed business mogul interests to capture our democratic process. Little wonder they are idolised and live above the law. They have become part of the nexus of power that create policy that favours the rich and their cronies. The interest of the business class has been woven into the fabric of the main political parties either PDP, ACN or APC. Our democracy has been reduced to a cabal of privateers who will forever block the aspirations of the self determination agitators.

Every era produces politicians who seem to sum up the spirit of their age. In our own case, the most perfect example is the complete enthronement of corruption as political culture.  There is a huge contrast between Jonathan’s background and those who surround him. Two thirds of his minsters are billionaires. They are brazenly privileged and wealthy. What would a tiny, rich, selfish, ruling elites do to save Nigerians from the bondage of century of unhappy amalgamation?  Nothing but a guarantee of more monstrous impunity, monstrous corruption, monstrous resource cleansing,  monstrous bondage and monstrous injustice in a failed experiment of unity that has kept us undeveloped for the last 53 years.


Ha! Nigeria is self-exploding

Nigeria is becoming a country of tragedies on a daily basis. News from Nigeria gives one a shaming feeling of despair, hopelessness and a troubling anguish. What is really wrong with this disappearing giant of Africa? Pardon me, I used that as a flattery and not in real terms. Nigeria has never been great if we are to measure the indices of greatness strictly. Who can locate Nigeria’s greatness?  In which area has Nigeria excelled the world compared to countries like Dubai, India, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia? Today, Nigeria excels other comparable nations in every dark arts you could name.

We excel in corruption, bribery, treasury looting, over bloated and expensive National Assembly, kidnapping, prostitution, cultism, political rascality and gansterism, injustice, hunger, chaotic bureaucracy, social and political impunity, witchcraft, certificate forgery, divorce, economic sabotage, social media warfare, tribal hatred, social anomie, disunity and secessionist sentiment from the Ndigbo. Which country beats Nigeria in all these aberrations?

In the churches, Nigeria leads Africa in the area of deceiving pastors, apostles, evangelists, reverends, general overseers and deacons. Among the political class are great compromisers, thieves, unpatriotic idiots, looters, greedy bunch, lawless cowards, unfeeling monsters and shameless irritants. Any Nigerian with the smallest amount of decency will feel revolted with all the shenanigans going on almost endlessly among our law makers. Actions that are obviously unpatriotic and blatantly inimical to the good of Nigerians are uploaded daily. Bukola Saraki, a man accused of corruption seats on the exalted chair of President of the Senate. Two third of senators have corruption charges dangling on their head like the sword of Damocles.

Senators are carpet bombing the good intentions of the Executive in pursuant of Saraki’s demonic dream to eventually morph as president of Nigeria. He is working assiduously and setting up dark machinations to cause magomago and topple the Vice President. Could you imagine that man, Bukola Saraki, as the president of Nigeria? Ha…….Nigeria is sinking! There is no sense of shame. No sense of moral revulsion. No more decency and boundary as to what is acceptable and permissible any more.

What is wrong with that nation? What is happening with our brain? What is the problem with our foundation? Who are we? What manner of human is Nigerian? Where did we come from? Why is Nigeria associated with so much evil? So much aberrations, so much rottenness, so much inhumanity against inhumanity, so much wickedness and so much oppression.

Look at the servants of the people. I mean the arrogant set of humanity called politicians. Nigerian politicians are like human hyenas who live nothing for the dawn. They are human lechers, blood suckers, looting machines, oppressors and empty heads. Eighteen years of lootocracy has further reduced Nigeria into a shadow of its former self. We are ridiculed all over the world. Senator Dino Melaye, the insane, chaotic, clownish, uncouth and blatantly opulent Kogi politician has brought disrepute to our politics. The ajekun iya ni oje politician parades himself as an illiterate, imbecile and a completely foolish man. How honourable and distinguished is this senator in all his public actions and utterances? He stockpiles the best cars stolen money can buy. Name it……Lambo, Ferrari, Bentley and Porsche. He tagged them into Dino 1…….Dino 2 and so on. What? In a nation of so much poverty where people could not rub N2,000 together. Who is fooling who?

Ha….Nigeria is self-exploding. Agitation has arrived on our shores. Agitation from dissatisfied and traumatized Nigerians who are sick and tired of the cruelty all around the nation. Nnamdi Kanu is stoking the fire of separation under the flag of Biafra. The Arewa youths are stoking the fire of confrontation and eventual warfare against the Ndigbo. People are openly calling for war, revolution and a return to fiscal federalism. Others are calling for bloody and total scorch earth destruction of all political elites, top military brass and all those who have kept Nigeria in the dark. This agitation is becoming strident because our politicians are stubborn, unfeeling and totally alienated from the feelings of those in the grassroots.

Gari, a popular Nigeria’s staple, is beyond the reach of the common man. But the senators voted for stupendous salaries, bloated allowances, vexatious privileges and too much excesses that can make you weep. Abomination has recently resurfaced to darken further our already polluted landscape. A deranged senator is calling for amnesty for corruption and economic saboteurs. Wao…….Before that, a kidnapping kingpin, Evans, who had been terrorizing Nigerians was arrested and the police lapped up the event as a successful coup to brag about their efficiency and readiness to fight crime.

In Nigeria, cash is being discovered in cemeteries, bunkers, deep freezers, silos, hole in the ground and some have been salted away in safe haven of foreign shores. Where are we going? Nigeria voted President Mohammadu Buhari to came and fight corruption and return Nigeria to the path of honour, decency, respect, integrity and global goodwill. Corruption has been fighting a dirty war back to the aggressors. Judges are colluding with corrupt politicians to stampede on Buhari’s anti-corruption drive and tear that dream into shreds. Now that the general is out of the radar, the lions in the National Assembly are baring their iron teeth to tear down the edifice of the anti-corruption crusade and return Nigeria back to status quo.

Ha…..Nigeria is self-exploding!!! Who will rescue us? Where do we go from here?